Help for Homeless Vets

Helping homeless vets suffering with mental illness//Group 6

The Issue

Homeless veterans are an issue in Waco and the United States. About 140,000 veterans deal with homelessness each year. Also, one out of three veterans suffer from mental illness. This week we learned that most veterans are homeless because of mental illness, such as Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and traumatic brain injuries. We want to make a change and help these veterans get off the street. We will partner with the Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Waco to create an outreach program for homeless veterans. This program will provide awareness of VA mental health services and transportation to the VA Hospital for treatment. Creating this program will reduce the number of homeless veterans with mental illness. We hope that the Waco community will join with us and advocate for the homeless veterans.

Take Action

Individual/Personal Level: We will partner with the Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Waco to provide a transportation program for homeless veterans so that they can get to the VA Hospital. The Veterans Affairs Medical Center has programs for veterans, but it can be difficult for homeless veterans to get to the VA Hospital. If we provide transportation for these homeless veterans, then they will be able to receive treatment for mental disorders and get secure housing. The types of programs that we will provide for the homeless veterans when they are at the VA Hospital are:
  • Rehabilitation Reintegration Treatment Program
  • Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing Program
  • Medical and Mental Health Treatment
  • Help in Finding Employment

We will create advertisements and meet with homeless veterans so that they will learn about our new program.

Local, State, and National Level: We will contact local and state leaders about providing funding for our outreach program. We will also talk with local leaders about transportation and creating bus stops to pick up these veterans.

How Others Can Take Action: Other people can share advertisements about our outreach program and the VA, and they can volunteer at the Veterans Affairs Medical Center.

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This is an example of a poster we might put up to spread awareness to the veterans.

What We Learned

Aldo: I learned that when veterans come back from war some may get PTSD.

Ana: I learned that they are homeless because of mental illness like PTSD.

Brookelyn: I've learned that veterans make up 33% of the homeless population in America. Also I learned that most are homeless because of mental illness.

Camden: I learned that we can advocate to help people in need.

Jonathan: I learned that 1/3 of homeless people are vets.

Josh: I learned that 11% of homeless veterans have mental illness.

Landry: They are homeless because some have mental illness.

Madelyn: I learned that many veterans are homeless. They need help, but they don't know where or how to get it.

Ty: I learned that one third of homeless people are veterans.

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