RHS Mock Election for Students

My Voice, My Election

Vote in SOCIAL STUDIES classes between Oct 30 and Nov 1 (Tues-Thurs)

My Voice National Student Mock Election

Rockdale High School is registered with the My Voice National Student Mock Election.

The My Voice National Student Mock Election is the largest civic engagement project in the United States, and is built on the more than 30 years of work of the National Student/Parent Mock Election. With My Voice, the Pearson Foundation is creating a digital initiative to encourage student voice in school and the community all year long.

Where to Vote

Voting is easy!

  1. Give students their designated BALLOT CODE (below).
  2. Direct them to the website http://vote.myvoicemyelection.org/ or to Tiger Nation Symabloo and look for the VOTE tile.
  3. Students place their vote anytime between Tuesday, Oct 30 and Thursday, Nov 1.

Students can use Chromebooks, desktops, iPods, iPads, or any browser on their cell phone.

Ballot Codes

9th Grade c8202

10th Grade d8202

11th Grade e8202

12th Grade 09202

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Stickers for Your Students

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Contact Rebecca King at 430-6035 if you have any questions