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Hello and welcome to our JICHS Band Newsletter.

I first want to introduce myself to all the new band parents, and say welcome to our band family! My name is Dr. Gretchen Bowles, and I am the Band Director here at JICHS. I along with Mr. Sherman, our Assistant Director, want to say thank you for being a part of our program. We are so very happy to have you in our band family and look forward to the time we will be able to work with your students! We are a little biased, but we love what we do, and think band is a very important part of any child's life! We are excited to get the year started and make some amazing memories!

The Band Blast will be my main way of communicating with everyone about all things band.

It is intended to be your main source for important updates, upcoming concerts, fund raisers, and any other information we need to get out to everyone.

This first newsletter is packed full of important information. So please make sure you read through everything. And please reach out if you have any questions.


Dr. Bowles

Pride of the Island Pep Band - playing expectations for EVERYONE

The JICHS Pride of the Island Band is one of the most important activities we do for our school. All the other parts of our program are for us. But PIB is what we do to give back to the school community. It helps to build our school culture, and is a very visible part of how the community looks at our school. But really, it is the part of our band program that does the most to establish our band family. It is the time we all get to really know each other, and have a great time playing our instruments.

Now that we have gotten into the school year, and things have started to settle in, I feel it is time to talk about expectations for playing with the PIB Pep Band.

It is not mandatory to be at every performance, but Mr. Sherman and I expect everyone to play for at least TWO football games this year.

We have five games left in the season. You are encouraged to play in all of the games, but you must sign up for two.

You also need to come to the practice for that week on the Monday (4:00 - 6:00pm) before the game.

We will use sign-up genius for each game/practice

Call time for each game will be 6:00...unless otherwise stated

Here are your links to sign-up:

September 17th JICHS vs. Irmo HS

September 24th JICHS vs. North Charleston HS

October 8th JICHS vs. Beaufort HS (8th grade night)

October 22nd JICHS vs. Hilton Head HS(Homecoming)

October 29th JICHS vs. Bluffton HS (Senior Night)

GAME ON! Fundraiser

With a growing band program, we have an increase in what it takes to make the program run. It is a good problem to have. But with that good problem, we have to find ways to raise money to cover the cost of running a band program. That is where our fundraisers come in. Fundraising is one of the only ways we can afford for all of our students to have the instruments they need to play, the music they want to play, and the ability to go on trips to see performances and to do their own performing. The Band Backer Board and I have tried to streamline our fundraising, so we are not asking you for money every month. It is a necessary evil, and one that is vitally important WE ALL take part in. If everyone helps a little, no one has to help a lot.

We have started our first fundraiser for the year. This fundraiser is my favorite kind of fundraiser, the kind where you do not have to sell anything!

GAME ON! Is a month long fundraiser which last the entire month of September. The purpose of this fundraiser is to kickstart our financing for our spring trip (more on this trip to come SOON!).

The goal is to raise money associated with each day of the month of September: $1 for September 1st, $10 for September 10, $30 for September 30, and so on. We have found that people often prefer to donate directly towards a student’s goal rather than having to purchase something that they don’t really want and that reduces the proceeds for the band or student. If your child fills up the entire month, they will raise $499, and will be entered in the drawing for the grand prizes. Band Backers funds are being used to provide fundraising incentives, including two grand prizes of $300 and $200 each. Students accumulate Game On raffle tickets based on the amount of money they raise.

This fundraiser started September 1 and ends at 5:00 pm September 30.

If your child chooses to go on our Spring Trip, the entire amount they earn in the GAME ON! Fundraiser will go towards the trip.

For more information, contact Lisa Fairey at:

After School Rehearsals

After school rehearsals begin THIS WEEK!!

Symphonic Winds - Tuesday September 14, 4:00 - 6:00 pm

Concert Band - Tuesday September 21, 4:00 - 6:00 pm

Just a reminder about rehearsals:

All rehearsals are mandatory, and graded.

Work is not an excuse for missing rehearsals

Having homework is not an excuse for missing rehearsals

If you are going to miss rehearsal because you are home sick that day, or any legitimate excuse, you must have your parent email ahead of time.

Missing a rehearsal without any notice is a 0 in the grade book.

Tik Tok Video and Destruction of School Property

Undoubtedly you have all heard about the issues JICHS has had with children posting videos on Tik Tok of them destroying things in our school. It has caused a lot of obvious problems with how we are able to run our school day.

One thing that I am glad about is, at least to my knowledge, this has not involved any of our band students. I would like to say our kids know better.

But unfortunately it has affected all of us. For the near future we have been moved to two lunch periods instead of one, and they are locking down most all of the bathrooms, including the ones directly outside of the band room. I do not foresee things staying this way for too long, but we will have to deal with it for now.

Until further notice, if a student needs to use the restroom during class, they will not be able to take their phone with them when they go. They do not have to give it to me, but they will have to show me they are leaving it in the band room.

It is very sad that children are willingly and very aggressively destroying public property all for a moment of "fame" on an app. The ramifications they will have to deal with will last much longer than any video they made.

2021-2022 Master Calendar

Below you will find a link to the Band Master Calendar.

Please print it out and make sure you and your students are aware of rehearsals and performances.

As always the calendar is subject to change, but we have done our best to be as comprehensive as possible with the schedule for the entire year.

Click here for information on Concert Uniforms

Don't forget to order your student's concert uniform! You want to make sure you get it in time to make any adjustments. First concert is October 28th!