Persephone missing!

Hello! It's me, Hannah! Welcome to Mt. Olympus! I am here to talk about the news conference held yesterday to gather all the information on all the gods/goddesses involved with Persephone's "goddessnapping". Hades claims he could only think of her beauty when he kidnapped her. See down below for Q's and A's with all the gods and goddesses.

Q's and A's

Helios, why didn't you say anything to Demeter when you saw Persephone being "goddessnapped"?
"I was to busy pulling the sun."
Persephone, how did you feel when Hades gave you the pomegranate seeds?
"Maybe he wasn't so bad after all."
Demeter, did you ever think about Earth suffering?
"I didn't care."
Hades, as the king of the underworld, kidnapping is a serious thing. What was going on in your mind?
"All I could think was how pretty she was."
Zeus, why did you negotiate instead instead of force?
"No comment"
Hermes, how did you feel about going to retrieve Persephone?
"Zeus told me to go so I did."
This was Hannah Hamilton writing from Mt. Olympus. Hope you found this information helpful.