Lance's Ledger

May 4 - 8 at Central Elementary

Celebrating a Fantastic Staff

May 4-8 marks the celebration of Staff Appreciation Week throughout the Davison Schools Community. Let me take this opportunity to thank you for all you do for our students and for our community. We are blessed to have dedicated teachers and employees who strive to give their best efforts on a daily basis. I feel so fortunate to work with individuals such as yourself. Textbooks, technology and building upgrades are all important but it is you who are identified as the most important resource in delivering an education to our students. Enjoy your week and know you make the real difference in the education of our students. Thank you for all you have done and continue to do to make Davison Schools a great place for kids to learn.
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M-STEP Progressing

Our Grade 4 Team of students and teachers are successfully entering the second week of M-STEP. I am extremely proud of the student effort and the phenomenal support teachers have provided there respective class. Our entire staff deserves a shout-out too for the courtesy and support facilitated by classroom teachers and other staff. Special thanks to third grade teachers Monica Martin and Tracy Griggs for going out of their way to assist Kelly Fritz with a couple of students. While I was tied up responding to a medical emergency in the building Tracy and Monica took time to provide some extra assurance to a couple of anxious fourth graders. That type of support for kids and one another speaks to one of the many strengths present in Central staff members.

Flexibility is another strong point being modeled by staff as we have started testing. I appreciate the fantastic cooperation given with last minute tweaks to schedules as we learn from our testing experience. Pats on the back to everyone.

Finally, I want to acknowledge the professionalism, caring and common sense demonstrated by our fourth grade team (Melissa Jones included) during the M-STEP testing. Your students are doing their best because they know you believe in them. Your continued encouragement is wonderful. Most of all, your understanding that you have to change up your educational approach to regular school business after a hard day of testing is priceless! Several student have made positive comments about the extra "team breaks" they have taken to go outside or play a game. They feel special and they know you care about them. You have your priorities in the right place. Thank you all!

This Week at Central

Monday, May 4
  • Staff Appreciation Week...Celebrate Our Fantastic Team!
  • M-STEP ELA Testing Begins for Grade 4
  • DIBELs Testing Begins
  • Student Progress Sheets Due

Tuesday, May 5

  • Election Day!
  • M-STEP Continues for Grade 4

Wednesday, May 6

  • M-STEP Grade 4
  • PD from 7:15 - 8:15 AM; Topic: School Improvement (Bldg. Choice)
  • PTO Luncheon for Staff: Homemade Soup
  • Tornado Drill # 3 (most likely late afternoon due to M-STEP testing)

Thursday, May 7

  • M-STEP Grade 4
  • Lance @ admin. bldg 9:30-noon; Principals' Meeting
  • Observations PM

Friday, May 8

  • M-STEP Grade 4
  • Observations AM and PM
  • Jeans Day for DEA Scholarship ($5 donation)

Looking Ahead

May 11...Board of Education Meeting 7 PM

May 12...PLCs; Fire Drill # 6

May 13...Staff Meeting (Agenda TBD) ; Observations

May 14...Lance @ admin. mtg 9:30-noon) ; Observations PM

May 15...Observations; Last day of M-STEP Testing for Grade 4

May 18...M-Step Testing Begins for Grade 3

May 19... PTO 6:30 PM

May 20... PD: Academic Vocabulary

May 25...Memorial Day/No School

May 27...Staff Meeting; Fire Drill # 7

May 28...ACC 4:15 - 6:15 PM

Thank You Teachers!

During Teacher Appreciation Week it has been our Davison tradition to honor all staff. For you see, there is a teacher in everyone. A person who reaches out and helps the younger generation navigate the world of life. Each of us adults acts as a guide or mentor to those who come behind us. Our task is to help unlock the "code of the adult world." If we observe carefully we find something wonderful happens as we teach...we learn too! Whether you are a professional teacher or teach by your example, please enjoy the video below and know your greatest achievements instill hope and drive achievements of future generations. Thank you! You are teachers!
Thank A Teacher