Early Education News

January 2022

Greetings from the Early Education Center -

We expect more sub-zero temps outside, but things are heating up inside! Check out this month’s newsletter with information on class options, employment opportunities, and exciting opportunities ahead!

Sincerely, The Early Education Team

2022 - 2023 Preschool : Upcoming Registration

Check out the Early Education Center options for your child as they continue with preschool next year. Registration will open online at this link on Monday, February 7, 2022. For registration directions click here.

If your student is Kindergarten-bound, watch for registration information, available soon!

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Info Event : Subs for Subs

Alexandria Public Schools is holding a 'Subs for Subs' luncheon event to answer questions on substitute positions in the district - teacher, para, cook, bus driver, and custodial. These types of positions are great for those seeking a 2nd income, at-home parents, or those wanting income to supplement retirement. All positions are highly flexible.

Consider spreading the word to your networks!

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Parenting with PRIDE

Teachers at the Early Education Center use PRIDE skills to build relationships and support preschoolers’ learning. These simple communication skills have a BIG impact. You can easily use these skills at home for a calmer household - join us online to learn how!

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Activity Ideas : From Teacher Nancy

Are you looking for at-home winter activity ideas? Check out these simple tips and send us a photo of your favorite!

Winter Magic pictures: Draw a surprise winter picture on white paper using a white crayon. Your child can ‘paint’ over the picture using a brush or q-tip with watercolor paints or water with food coloring. The surprise image will magically appear!

The Bus game: Make a bus by lining chairs up in a row. Everyone sits on the bus pretending to drive to the zoo. When you get to the zoo, choose one person to hop off the bus and pretend to be an animal. Can you guess which animal they are?

Shaving cream: If you don’t mind a little mess, squirt some shaving cream onto a tray. Have a bowl of water nearby. Your child can drive their vehicles through the “snow” (shaving cream) and then to the car wash (bowl of water) for a rinse.

Bring in the Snow! Get a cake pan or empty storage container and cover the bottom with snow. Bring it inside and place it on a picnic blanket or large towel on the floor. Then let your child play with the snow with things you have in your house (e.g. measuring cups and spoons, bowls, plastic toys or letters and your child could pretend to cook. You could also put small vehicles in the snow to drive around. Hide small animals in the snow and see if your child can find them. Fill small cups with colored water(add food coloring to water) and let your child “paint” the snow with brushes or eyedroppers.

Toy Rescue: Fill an ice cube tray with water and place a small toy in each compartment. Place it in the freezer (or outside) until frozen. Pop out the ice cubes and see if your child can “rescue” the frozen objects by using an eye dropper to drop warm water on the ice cubes. You can also freeze water in cake pans, freezer safe bowls or plastic fruit cups to make ice bergs and igloos. You can float these in a tray of water or the bathtub and place animals or vehicles on them. You can even paint these blocks of ice with watercolor paint or food coloring.

Balloon tennis. You need an inflated balloon and two ‘rackets’. Make your own rackets out of cardboard, stretch nylon stockings over wire hangers, or use a large popsicle stick attached to a paper plate. Tie a string or yarn between 2 chairs and you and your child stand on either side of the yarn and bat the balloon back and forth to each other.

What's Happening : Dates to Remember

Jan 19 - Winter Cookie Decorating, 5:30 - 6:30 pm

Jan 19 - Feb 16 - Infant Class with Alomere Health

Jan 20 - Subs for Subs District Info Event

Jan 21 - Parent Advisory Council Meeting, 8 - 9:30

Jan 24 and 25 - Early Childhood Screening Appointments

Feb 2 - 2-Hour Late Start, No Morning Classes

Feb 4 - Go Wild For Books Community Event at the EEC, 4 - 6 pm

Feb 7 - 2022-23 Preschool Registration opens

Feb 14 - Valentine’s Day Cookie Decorating, 5:30 - 6:30 pm

Feb 18 - 21 - No School

March 13 - Daylight Savings Time Begins (clocks ahead 1 hour)