Portable devices

by Patrick Johnson


Carries out the same functions as a computer but is designed to be light and portable so can be carried around


Similar to a laptop but even more compact. Normally has no disk drive


Similar to a notebook but designed to be used for wireless communication. Usually cheaper and a lower specification.

PDA (personal digital devise)

Small enough to be held in the palm of your hand, usually contains an address book, note making features, telephone and internet features


A teacher

A teacher would need a desktop because they are normally in every room and are all wired into a server so you can access it everywhere. However they could use a laptop so they are able to take work home.

A news reporter

a new reporter is most likely to use a laptop or a notebook as they have to be able to travel any where.

A website designer

a web designer will most likely need a desktop because they need to be able to have a lot of memory and needs to be able to use SD cards and graphic cards.

A doctor (in a GP surgery)

A doctor will most likely use a desktop as all they do is stay in the same room all day

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