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Shout out to Mrs. Moten's class and Mrs. Landrum's class!

Last week we had Mrs. Landrum's class and Mrs. Moten's class come to the library to check out some books to read. Let's keep it rolling! Who's next to come down?

Overdue Fines List

Mrs. Myers put out the first fines list of the year. Please refer to the list and remind those students to return their overdue books.

New Magazines and Books are on the Way

We are expanding our magazine collection and have already received some of our new additions: SLAM!, Reader's Digest, People, Car and Driver, Wired, and HGTV. Feel free to come in and check them out. My Fall book order has been approved and should be arriving soon.


Each week I would like to spotlight some apps and webpages that are being used in the world of ed-tech. Give them a try and let me know what you think. We can work together on how to incorporate them into your lessons. However, DON'T try to use them all! Get comfortable with one before you try another. We know where trying to do TOO much at once can lead us.


The goal is to have every teacher's "Meet the Teacher" page done by Thanksgiving break. I will be coming to your team/department meetings this week and next week to help you get them done. Here's the video tutorial if you need some assistance.
Teacher Page Tutorial


November Week 1

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