Where you can start a better life.

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Would you like to be a FOUNDING FATHER of the Great State of Texas?

Come Join the Old 300

Why Texas? Texas is the garden of freedom. Come to Texas and get your big slice of American pie. Large families are encouraged.

How much land will I get?

One acre costs 12.5 cents, and every man receives 640 acres. Women get 320 acres, and each child receives 160 acres. Even your slaves will receive a land grant: 80 acres each. There is room for everyone. So come be the boss on your own land, and secure a future for your children!

What's required of me?

Steven F. Austin doesn't want just anyone, so only genteel people need apply. No drunks or gamblers allowed. You will need to become a Mexican citizen, and convert to the Catholic Church to hold your land.

MAP OF TEXAS - Where will your ranch be?

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Contact Stephen F. Austin for more information.