Online Gambling in Spain

Online Gambling


The introduction of online gambling helped increase the popularity of the pastime in Spain as it did across much of the world. We live in an age where online gambling allows us to place any type of wager we want in the casino online. Sports betting, online poker, roulette, slots... name your game and you can access it all at your finger tips. As people find they are able to access iGaming websites and online casinos from their smartphones or from their computers at home, so the accessibility helps to promote the industry.

Spain has relatively untroubled gambling laws. All kinds of gambling are permitted in Spain, including traditional casino gambling, online casino games, sportsbooks, and lotteries. Spanish is one of the most prominent languages used by online casino sites. The beginning was set more than a decade ago, in 2002, when regulation and legalization of web-based gambling in the country was first established. 바카라사이트

Is online gambling legal In Spain?

Luckily, gambling is completely legal in Spain, so residents are free to gamble as they please. The best thing about having such liberal gambling laws is that you’re spoilt for choice. In 2011 the Spanish Gambling Act was finally passed. This was the act which would create laws specifically related to the regulation of online gambling. The betting landscape in the country finally changed in 2011 with the introduction of the Spanish Gambling Act that created a framework for licensing online gambling operators in Spain. The 2011 Act covers all forms of online and offline betting, including lotteries, casino, sports and poker betting. With its popularity, online gambling is becoming more and more prevalent with people of all ages. You’ll also find that many people who love to bet on sports would rather do so online. Online slots and exchange betting were prohibited in the country until recently. Later, Spanish lawmakers made a decision to alter these regulations, which led to the official introduction of the options at the end of July 2014.

Online gambling has been legal, licensed, and regulated since 6 June 2012. Although the first licenses were issued in 2012, the law actually came into force the day after the Gambling Act was published in the Spanish State Gazette (Boletín Oficial del Estado) on 28 May 2011. Many top-performing online casinos accept players from Spain. While the Malta Gambling Authority issues licenses to operators to provide services in over 180 European and other countries, At the moment it is estimated that there are more than 70 online casinos currently holding Spanish licences. Even if you were to play on an unlicensed gambling site you would not be prosecuted, as the government is only interested in going after the companies and not the players.

You will not find many countries where the issue of online gambling has been so comprehensively regulated. The Spanish government have recognized that the popularity of online gambling can be effectively harnessed and used to generate much-needed funding.

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