by: Danielle Zumwalt, 5th period


  • In Judaism actions are move important than beliefs
  • Jews are monotheistic (the belief in one god)
  • The written Torah and oral Torah were given to Moses
  • 13 Principles of faith


-When and How did they worship?

  • They worship in the morning, called (Shacharit)
  • Also they worship in afternoon which is called (Mincha)
  • And they also worship or pray in the evening (Ma'ariv/Arvit/Arbith)
  • Men are required to do pubic prays at specified times of the day, but women don't have to.
  • Judaism do worship in groups but don't have to
  • There leader is a descendant of Aaron


  • Jews worship in synagogues, temples, Shuls, and Beit'k'nesset but not usually

-Sacred Text(s)?

  • The Talmud is a written version of the oral law,
  • Also the Torah which is referring to the 5 books of Moses which are genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, numbers, and Deuteronomy.



  • Judaism was started by Abraham,a Hebrew man, he came up with the main idea of Jewish faith, that there is only one god


  • Judaism was discovered about fore-thousand years ago,


  • Judaism was founded in the middle east with the Hebrew people


-Followers, in the u.s. and worldwide

  • Judaism has about fifteen million followers worldwide, and about five to six million Jews in the united states
  • -Fun Facts
  • The Talmud (one of the texts) is a Hebrew verb and it means to "to teach" or "to learn"
  • Judaism was the first religion to believe in monotheism
  • Judaism celebrates hanukkah