computer processing unit

The facts

1.The CPU is mainly used for manipulating data and coordinating the activities of the computer's other physical components

2. The CPU has many different parts needed to retrieve, store, and calculate data in a quick and easy way

3. The RAM(random processing unit(we'll talk about that later)) sends crucial instructions to the CPU through the BUS, the BUS is a group of wires that connects the two together

4. The CPU decodes this information and starts sending the appropriate data to the right systems in the computer

5. the signals then pass through the ALU(arithmetic logic unit) to do some more logical equations to the info it was given

The Past to The Present

The first computational device was your brain. Soon afterwards they designed something called a tally stick, used to add number up from very basic numbers, nothing very special. Then they invented the abacus, the abacus was the first really mathematical calculator, with balls on sticks you could swipe them up and down used to do multiplication, division, addition and subtraction! this was used for many years, due to the lack of electricity. In the early 1900's computers were not what we see today, but as code cracking machines in the 2nd world war the Germans used enigma machines to sending codes that was only known to the Germans. in the sixties computers were used in The U.S military for guiding missiles and other military actions.

The Monitor

The monitor is a way of showing pictures and the images that are sent from the CPU and other processing units. It normally shows the battery life, programmes and many others. Monitors were also used in T.V's to show programmes like the big bang theory. They were originally used for processing data.


There are two main types of drives: SSD (the solid state drive) and optical (or O) drive.

The optical scanned a disc you inserted and downloaded it onto the storage device. this was cheaper but created heat, meaning you either had to build a fan inside or have a fan near you.

the SSD is a solid scanning device which is more expensive but is a lot more effective, the computer would not heat up.


the Motherboard is found in computers and many other consoles like a PS 2 (definatley a random console I thought out of the blue). It held and stored any information and allowed communications between many of the crucial components of the system.

unlike other single components, the motherboard holds many smaller and significant units.


Inputs and outputs are two very different things but both do crucial jobs. Your keyboard is attached by a wire on a desktop, meaning it is an inputted device. same with your mouse. Your screens and speakers output light, images and sounds.