GMOs are Good!

Why we should promote the genetic mutation of crops.

GMOs Promise Many Health Benefits!

GMOs can potentially have a lot of nutritious value, weight regulating substances and longer shelf lives! In less developed countries, modified crops can have added minerals and vitamins to combat malnutrition, such as "golden rice." Also, scientists are actively trying to find a way to put vaccines into certain foods for less developed countries with poor health care systems.

Farmers Will Gain a lot of Benefits from Biotechnology!

Crops can gain resistance to pests, which will cause farmers to lose less crops and therefore less money with each harvest. Also, crops are being genetically engineered to combat extreme weather conditions like blizzards and droughts to minimize loss. Also, GM crops are increasing in yields each year.

Genetic Mutation Technology Will Help the Environment!

If crops are more pest-resistant, farmers will have to use less harsh chemicals that will pose a threat to the environment. Non-pollen producing crops can also be created.

GM Plants are Natural!

Technically, organisms are always genetically modifying themselves. It's called evolution. Genetic mutation is just more precise and takes weeks or months instead of millions of years.

This is the Only Way to Feed Our Growing Population!

To meet the world's increasing needs for agriculture, innovation and technology are the only way to achieve this.

These Crops are Thoroughly Tested and Highly Regulated Food Plants!

The FDA determines if all genetically engineered plants are healthy and will not have side effects, and the EPA determines if they are safe for the environment -- both short-term and long-term. Any food plant deemed harmful or unsafe is discontinued immediately.