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Happenings in the Classroom Week of November 17, 2014

I can't believe we are already to Thanksgiving Break! The school year is flying by way to fast! Reminder that we will have school next Monday and Tuesday, but will be out Wednesday-Friday. I really hope you have the opportunity to spend quality time with your loved ones.

My family will be traveling to my home town, New Orleans, Louisiana. I am really excited to get to see my son, Burke, who plays baseball in Alabama. I'm also looking forward to eating some great Cajun food!

Last week we had a fantastic PBS assembly. Many congratulations to Janie Oglesby for being our class' MVP!

We have been focusing on the Organizational Trait with our original writing pieces. We are focusing on creating strong conclusions. Our publishing party will be Tuesday, November 25th. Any student who is not ready to present or turn in their final copy, will not participate until the final copy is completed.

The students were introduced to their next Grammar project, Nouns. This is a project that the students can work on at their own pace. We will set due dates for project management through their personal Google Calendars. The students will be assessed throughout to ensure they are understanding the content. Those that need extra support will meet for small group instruction. I am attaching the link for the student project.

Nouns Project

What's Will We Be Learning?

What Will We Be Learning?

Reading: Reading about the Loch Ness Monster and evaluating texts for main idea and supporting details.

Writing: Working on creating strong leads for our stories. Publishing party will be next Tuesday.

Grammar: Introduced our Noun project. Due after Thanksgiving Break.

Math: Continuing our math unit on decimals. We will take the unit test after Thanksgiving Break. Please continue to use resources on the webpgae to practice math facts.

Science: Continuing our unit on electricity. This week the students are learning about conductors and insulators of electricity, and how the light bulb works.

Spelling Words Unit 11