Newsy Update in the 3rd Grade

What have we been up to in September?

How we start our day.

September has been a very busy month. It's hard to believe that we are a month into school. Every day we have a 'morning meeting' and discuss numerous topics including friendship issues and how to deal with them in a kind and positive way, working together in the classroom, meeting and greeting people throughout the school, or just children driven topics of what is relevant in their lives. Being respectful is usually our main topic. We also read stories, tell 'childhood stories' with life lessons, and truly, just enjoy the sharing of one another.
One of our highlights of the week is having a parent or special friend, come in and read to the class followed by knitting with all of our wonderful, patient parents, grandparents, and friends. It is delightful for me to see everyone working together---We are Family! We will begin knitting on the 11th of October. We would like to invite parents, grandparents, relatives, neighbors to come in and knit with us. The children can always use your assistance and we are happy to teach you to knit, if need be.

Reading and writing--and "Oh how descriptive are we".

We have just finished The Hundred Dresses. This is a wonderful, yet sad and relevant story, about a little girl who is left out at school, teased and bullied. As we read, we discussed how we might have felt in her place (empathy), what we could have done (courage and inclusion) , and what was the relevance of the story to our lives (reflection). Now we are in the process of learning how to write a good response in our journals. Often the children will chat with a friend about the question being asked and then they will write down their response together. I find that if children first verbalize their answer it is much easier for them to then write it down. We are working on stretching our sentences to make them descriptive and to 'paint a picture ' for their reader. Easier said than done---they've been pretty happy with "The tree is green." Making their sentences descriptive is hard work, but we do it together and it is getting easier. Our next venture is reading some other 'friendship stories'-- Gooseberry Park, Third Grade Angels, Jenius The Amazing Guinea Pig and The Sidewalk Story. The children will read independently, form 'thinking questions' and then discuss within their literary circle/bookclub.

Numbers, numbers, numbers and more!

Life is good in the third grade.


There is always an open invitation for you to come into the classroom. Share some of your talents with us. Just email me if you would like to cook, or sew, or garden, dance---you name it.....we'd love to have you here.