Devastating tornadoes

Shawnee and Moore Oklahoma

Introduction to tornadoes

Tornadoes are a form of a natural disaster . There are many different types of tornadoes and they all come in different times of days and shapes . Tornadoes are unpredictable and can ruin your day all in a short amount of time .tornadoes are formed from a thunderstorm most of the time in a certain area of the U.S called Tornado alley .

What are tornadoes

Tornadoes are storms that are moving destructive clouds that violently rotate and have the shape of a funnel of a cloud.

How are tornadoes formed ?

Step 1

  • In the first sep of forming a tornado Warm air goes up at a rapid pace , while cold air stays at the earth's surface .
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Step 2

In the second step of forming a tornado is when the two winds that are going the opposite direction collide , they begin to spin and the updraft causes the funnel shaped cloud to convert into a vertical shape.
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Step 3

In the final step of forming a tornado , once the funnel cloud is formed it travels to reach the bottom of a cumulonimbus cloud. From there the funnel finally reaches the ground finishing the formation of a Tornado.
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Wind speeds!

The wind speeds for tornadoes are very fast and cause allot of destruction. For example the tornado in Moore , Oklahoma had a wind speed of about 200miles per hour. The tornado in Shawnee Oklahoma also reached a wind speedof about 200 miles per hour .
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What is used to measure a tornado ?

The instrument that is used is called a Fujita scale . This scale is used to measure the intensity of the tornado by examining the destruction of a man made structure after the tornado passes through.
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Tornado alley

Tornado alley consists of the following states.

-parts of South Dakota


- small parts of Colorado

-a great deal of Kansas

-a percentage of Texas


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What areas have been affected this past weekend by tornadoes

This past weekend tornadoes have been ripping through tornado valley leaving destruction in their paths . The tornados have been located in Moore and Shawnee Oklahoma and lasted about 40 minutes minutes each .
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Shawnee and Moore Oklahoma suffered allot of damage after the tornadoes passed through. The damage included houses being pummeled and crushed , the lives of so many adults and children and so much more . There were multiple deaths in the latest tornado that was in Moore as much as 24 people including 9children lost their lives and 237 people were injured . About 2,400 homes were ruined in the disaster. The tornado ripped through a 17 mile path . 34,000 people were left without power until the night of Tuesday May 20th 2013 . 101 people were rescued from rubble and debree .


In conclusion tornadoes are deadly and truly a catastrophe when the occur . Tornadoes can take away the ones you love in an instant and leave you with a sorrow that will last a life time . Tornadoes ruin a town in less than an hour and leave behind a indescribable mess . Tornadoes may be a cause of nature but they aren't beautiful as nature .