All about Me

By: Darrell Berg

Some random facts.(This is meant to be random)

I am a person of habit. I enjoy doing the same things over and over and sometimes making sure they are the same. I guess it's like an OCD thing, it isn't that bad and it doesn't interrupt with my daily life however. As you probably already hear, I type pretty fast and was apparently the only one to beat Mrs. Mayo at typing which is a feat in itself. I am like any kid, I prefer games over anything really, sports isn't my thing, I like to have fun with friends and I enjoy the color black. Like Sean C. I am a computer tech, I know how to deal with most problems and I understand computers really well. Otherwise I wouldn't be the "Nerd" I am with computer stuff, I tend to use more advance wording apparently from what I hear from my peers. To me it's a whatever thing but apparently some people won't understand what I am trying to say, so if that's the case just say something about it or look it up. It doesn't bother me. My hair I would love it to stay longer but it curls really badly and I do liek to have different hair colors.

The Games I play.

Most of these you can look up, and some are what you would expect a teenager to play if he likes games They include but are not limited to

Dota 2

Counter-Strike Global Offensive

Company of Heroes 2 & 1

Planetside 2

Wargame Airland Battles

Faster Than Light

Ages of Empires

Diablo lll

Starcraft 2


Red Orchestra and many more.


A prefer the music that is defined by many different people as "Emo" I guess, it's just music after all. So it shouldn't even matter at all. So basically, Thousand Foot Krutch, Asking Alexandria, Black Veil Brides, Pierce the Veil, Sleeping With Sirens, Bring Me The Horizon and many other bands like that. And no, it isn't rock nor is it Metal. They really aren't either. I enjoy most music except for stuff like today's Rap or even Hip Hop sometimes, it kills my soul listening to it. I also listen to different and weird songs in different languages, to me music isn't limited to only being spoke in English. If I can memorize the words I would try to sing it mostly because it shouldn't be limited to only my language, music as a deeper meaning than something like that and it deserves to be. Below, Children Of The Darkness is an example of a song that I enjoy and is in a different language.
Nightcore - Children Of The Darkness [English + Italian Subbed]