Heat transfer

by Luca Bueno

what is Conduction?

conduction is the transfer of heat energy by diffusion. Conduction passes heat from a solid to another solid without a problem. A conductor is a material that let's energy go through it. A material that is a poor heat conductor is called a heat insulator. For example a good heat conductors is metal and good heat insulators are plastic wood and there are also other materials. You can know if an object is a conductor or a insulator by it's touch.

What is Convection?

Convection lets heat energy pass through liquids and gases. That is possible because when a liquid is heated the particles move around faster and it becomes less dense. Convection currents are very important in the weather. One way to form a convection current is if a part of a fluid is colder than the air around it. Another way to form a convection current is if a warm place on earth heats the air above it.

What is Radiation?

A good way to explain this is by saying that the heat that we get from our sun travels by radiation. Radiation does not need anything to travel through and can go through air and glass just like light. If Radiation hits something it can be absorbed or reflected shiny materials reflect the easiest take a magnifying glass for example it can even burn paper!

How can we see radiation?

You can see radiation by using instruments (not musical instruments) that are called thermal imagers they capture heat instead of light. You can use thermal imaging to see something a night. The parts of your body that are red and white mean that it is the place in your body that is warmest. In a different note cooler parts of your body will appear in yellow green and blue.