Mine with drill

Da'Quan Davis


There are 2 types of mining such as surface and subsurface mining. There are difference between those to types mining. Surface mining is removing all the materials close to the earth surface that's leaves a large open pit. Subsurface is a long tunnel. Surface mining is much safer while subsurface is very dangerous. Subsurface can prevent cave-ins and explosions. Surface mining is where you will find ore or other materials. In surface mining they remove the ground cover, then mine it then replace it. Subsurface is where the material is deep beneath the surface. Subsurface you will take a vertical shaft or a elevator to get to the materials. Subsurface produce am large amount of environmental acid mine drainage. Surface mining habitat destruction, soil erosion, and pollution. Surface mining is the same thing as an open pit. Subsurface mining is the same thing as an large tunnel or a shaft.

Land vs. Ocean drilling

Land drilling is drilling deep holes under the earth surface. Ocean drilling Is drilling is drilling underneath the sea bed. Ocean drilling takes place in a sea environment. Land drilling also has a greater risk and hazards. Land drilling also has marine weather pollution that can be very expensive over time. They both have exploratory equipment, pumps, pipeline, and storage tanks. Ocean drilling also have a ocean pollution. Land drilling environmental concerns is fracking.

on and offshore drilling


Fracking is a technique in which rock is fracture by a pressure liquid. It's forces natural gas and crude oil buried deep below earth by using highly pressured water. Fracking is made by they drill thousands of feet into the earth through sediments layers. Exposure to toxic chemicals. Fracking also makes air pollution.