By: Cael B.

Theme: Perseverence

  • Sounder was shot and had his face blown off but he still came home weeks later. He still survived for a little bit longer but then he died. The mothers husband went to jail and the mother had to do double the work but she still did it. The boy also helped her do some of the work and watch the kids. The father got crushed in a landslide of limestone and half of his body was paralyzed but he still came home. The father died days after he came home. The boy had to go through his Father and his dog dying. He had to do lots work for his mother.

My article that is about Martin Luther King Jr.

  • Martin Luther King Jr. was a pastor, humanitarian, and a leader in the 1960’s American civil rights movement. He had to persevere through racial comments while giving speeches. No one would listen to him because he was African-American. He was able to persevere and give so many speeches to the world he became famous from them. He was assassinated when he was only 39 years old. Martin Luther King Jr. persevered through racial comments while giving his speeches.No white people would listen to him because of his race and color.Others had to persevere through his death and continuing the civil rights movement.


  • A person always wants a really strong bond with their horse but it wasn’t possible. This woman had a really really strong bond with her horse, the horse would follow her commands. The horse would walk with her owner without force. The horse would do the tricks that it’s owner told it to do and it would do them by itself. She and her horse have formed a really strong bond.
  • The horse would walk with her without force and so would Sounder with his master.The horse would follow her commands and do what she says and Sounder would also follow his master's commands.The woman listens and communicates with the horse so does Sounder’s master.

Anticipation Guide

A poor person who steals food should not be put in jail, I disagree. Stealing is wrong and no one should do it. If anyone steals they should be punished. Even if someone was poor and they stole food they should still be put in jail because they’re just like the rest of us.

A Father, Daughter, and a Dog

  • The similarities are Sounder’s master and Cheyenne's master both died then the two dogs died shortly after. When the two masters died the two dogs came to a family member and hinted them that the master died. The differences are Cheyenne's master wasn’t impressed right away but then he loved Cheyenne and Sounder’s master liked him the whole time.Sounder’s master had Sounder for a long time and Cheyenne's master only had Cheyenne for a little bit.


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