6th Grade Physical Education

Periods 6 & 7

Welcome to 6th Grade PE!

Good afternoon! I'm your child's 6th grade physical education teacher and we've got a great third quarter ahead of us!

My goal with this class newsletter is to send it out at the start of each week so you can have an idea of what's going on. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Daily Points

I wanted to give you an idea of how grades are broken down for physical education. Each day, students have the opportunity to earn 20 points. Of those 20 points, 5 are for dressing out and the remaining 15 are for participation.

Dressing Out: for a student to be dressed out, they must be wearing all of the following four items: their River Trail PE shirt, River Trail PE shorts, socks, and shoes. If they are missing even one of those items, then they lose the 5 dress out points. If the student is wearing tennis shoes and appropriate dress (no skirts, dresses, etc), then they will most likely be able to participate in the activity and still earn the participation points. If they are not wearing tennis shoes or the outfit doesn't allow them to participate, then an alternative assignment will be given.

Participation: students can earn their 15 participation points by fully participating in our daily activities. If a student isn't participating, has a poor attitude, or poor sportsmanship, it could result in a loss of some or all of the points depending on the severity.

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PE Locks & Lockers

By now, everyone has received a PE lock and locker for their use during 6th grade. Students have been reminded to make sure they lock their PE uniform, tennis shoes, etc up each day and not to leave anything out. Please also help to remind them of this at home. Hopefully, between you and I, we won't have any lost uniforms, etc. If a student loses their PE uniform and/or lock and cannot find them, they'll need to purchase new ones. The locks are $5 and the PE uniform is $25 (shirt $10 and shorts $15).
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I am a BIG fan of technology and I love to incorporate it into my physical education classes. One way that I do this is through Edmodo. Many of your children are probably already familiar with it, but the best way to describe it, is that it's like Facebook, but for education.

We'll be using Edmodo mainly for assessments. In the past, I have had students take tests via Edmodo such as the rules of soccer or handball. This quarter, they will be done in a similar manner. Whenever, I give a test via Edmodo, students will have at least a week to complete it. I will also post polls and occasionally videos that go over rules on the site as well.

Last week, I had the ipad cart and I was able to get the majority of students signed in to our class group. For those individuals who did not get signed up, I'll work with them individually.

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Winter Weather

Winter has finally arrived! During this quarter, we will go outside (as long as it's not below 32 degrees). Students have been told to dress warmly for those days. They are more than welcome to buy a PE sweatshirt and a pair of PE sweatpants from us (see the picture below) or they can wear their own, but their PE uniform must be on underneath. If they would like to buy a cold weather option, the hoodies are $20 and the sweatpants are $15. Regardless of the option they choose, students should be prepared for the weather.
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This Week....

We will begin Fitness Testing this week. Students will be tested in the following areas: Height, Weight, Flexibility (Sit and Reach), Cardiovascular Endurance (Pacer), and Muscular Strength and Endurance (Push-Ups and Curl-Ups).
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