Habits of MInd

Mrs. Schoener and I have introduced the 16 Habits of Mind to all of our students in grades 3-5, and have been very impressed with the level of engagement and participation from everyone. This week, we will continue to explore this topic, and students will evaluate their level of understanding of each of the Habits of Mind. After completing this survey, they will have an opportunity to share and discuss it with parents. We will then use information from this survey and input from parents to help our students set their goal(s) for the year.


Now that students have become comfortable with the routines and procedures, and have had an opportunity to sharpen skills and review concepts, the level of difficulty will increase even more, and students will continue to be challenged to participate in highly rigorous problem solving!

Fifth graders have worked to deepen their understanding of rational number concepts through an investigation of integer operations. We are learning to add, subtract, multiply, and divide positive and negative integers through a variety of hands on explorations including playing games, watching interactive videos, and working with a partner to solve a variety of problems - and our students seem to be loving every minute! Over the next two weeks, we will investigate fraction and decimal operations.

Fourth grade students have been studying decimal concepts including decimal place value, ordering and comparing, rounding, and problem solving. From participating in our own "100 Meter Dash" so that we can compare our race results to Olympic winners to taking part in a simulation in which students "treat" friends to a meal from Jason's Deli, our fourth graders have worked hard to build a solid foundation in this concept, and have approached each challenge with enthusiasm and a fantastic attitude! Next, students will begin an exploration of Order of Operations, and will also continue to strengthen their problem solving skills over the next two weeks.

Third graders have immersed themselves in a study of place value. I believe that it is vital that students understand our place value system - so many other concepts depend on this!! We began the year with an investigation of whole number place value to the millions place, and are now exploring decimal place value to the hundredths place. This exploration has included many activities that involve problem solving and critical thinking such as playing Biggest Number Wins, counting collections of money and using the amounts to solve problems, and creating Decimal Concentration cards that can be used for matching, comparing and ordering, and addition and subtraction of decimals. Our investigation of this concept will continue through this week, then we will begin a study of rounding and estimation with whole numbers.

Independent Study Project (ISP)

Third and fourth grade students will begin their independent study projects beginning the week of September 29. Stay tuned for more details about these exciting and challenging projects!


Here are some links to websites and books that might be of interest to you!

Visit the Hoagies' Gifted Education Page to find fabulous articles on gifted children, as well as recommendations for books, movies, games, websites, etc. This site is a great resource!

Parents may find it useful to visit the Common Sense Media site if you struggle to find books that are appropriate for your child. Read book reviews from parents and students.

I am currently reading The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg, and strongly recommend it! I love how it dovetails with our study of Habits of Mind!