The Look by Sophia Bennett

Part 1


Ted isn’t exactly the most beautiful girl around, certainly not compared with her sister’s movie star looks. She is freakishly tall, has caterpillar-like eyebrows and hair that sits on her head like a bird’s nest. When she is offered a job at a modelling agency neither her nor her family or friends believe it. When Ted discovers that the agency was legitimate, she dives into a world of modelling and fashion, not at all what she is used to. In fact she’s completely clueless about the matter. Her sister Ava is diagnosed with lymphoma cancer just as Ted takes up the job. The Look tells an amazing story of mildly predictable events and Ted is led on a life-changing journey where she discovers who she really is and what counts in life.

B) Ted

Ted is quite an indecisive character. She never knew exactly what she wanted and a lot of the time her family made decisions for her such as when she was deciding whether to take the modelling job, her sister peer pressured her into doing it. Quite often when she did not speak up or put her opion forward, she let people push her around and ended up in positions she was not always happy with. Her personality varied a lot and she grew so much through out the book. She eventually learned to make her own decisions (some very tough ones at that) and by the end of the book she was a practically a new person.

C) Favourite Passage

My favourite passage in the book is where Ted has taken Ava shopping to relieve some of Ava's depression during chemotherapy. Her hair begins to fall out in clumps and is a big disaster for Ava. Ted decides to bring her to an expensive hair salon she discovered while modelling. At first Ava is quite reluctant as she very much values her hair but Ted takes a leap of faith and in the kindness of her heart, decides to shave her head with Ava. I love this passage because Ted is brave enough, and loves her sister enough to shave her head with her sister. It shows the amazing bond that sisters share and it is a quality I admire. Coincidentally, since Ted shaved her head, a fantastic opportunity comes her way. Of course in real life that wouldn't always happen but it was a lucky break for Ted.

D) A Relatively Easy Read

I found this book quite easy to read, as it wasn’t a very deep book. Everything was explained clearly and it didn’t make you think much. It was not at all difficult to understand and it did not involve much commitment to follow along with the story. The language used in the book was fairly simple and I already knew most of the words although there were a few I had to look up. The themes in this book may be a little traumatising for some people as the cancer is explained in detail and it describes the emotional rollercoaster Ted’s family experienced. The plot is rather predictable and I never found myself questioning what was going to happen next as I have in quite a few other books. There was no such suspense in this book, which I always love in my reading so it was somewhat disappointing. It was a bit slow to start off and I wasn’t always interested in what was going on although I did find it an enjoyable, light-hearted read.