Week 6: le 28 sept - le 2 oct

Français 2

Bonjour parents!

It's week 6! Your student will be receiving another progress report this week. Any missing assignments from weeks 1-5 will have zeroes. I am leaving units 1-4 open so students can get late work made up. If your student has a fall break coming up, please let me know. NCVPS doesn't close for fall break. I can open up units so your student can get caught up OR work ahead. I want to make sure they have access to their work! :) The midterm exam and ALL assignments from units 1-5 are due October 23! :)

Unité 4 - le corps

Here's what's due this week!

1. Le Corps Writing 1D

2. Le Corps Section 1 Quiz

3. Le Corps Writing 2B

4. Le Corps Discussion 2C

5. Le Corps Writing 2D

6. Le Corps Speaking 2D

7. Le Corps Section 2 Quiz

8. Le Corps Writing 3C

*Contact your Teacher via text, BB IM or phone call. Please make sure your student is keeping in touch with me. I may be reached at 336-963-5248 and I *do* text :)

Semaine 6

Assignments are due by vendredi le 2 octobre

RLCs for this week! (These are all the UNIT 4 RLCs :)

Laurie Gaitskill Sunday 9/27 3pm - in last week's announcements

Alexa Haselhorst Mon 9/28 at 8am/ 10:30/ 2pm

Marjorie Baker Tuesday 9/29 8pm

Kristin Bunphitak Wednesday 9/30 8pm

Annette Frey Thursday 10/1 12:30 day

Thinking of sunnier Fall days!

Please contact me if you have questions!