Fall for Stage Pro!

"The Document Camera and Whiteboard App"

Stage Pro: Interactive Whiteboard and Document Camera

Stage Pro combines the convenience of a document camera with the power of an interactive Whiteboard to bring your lessons to life and make you the star of your classroom! Stage Pro allows teachers to:

  • Sketch, take notes, and add labels over live video
  • Annotate, mark-up and save existing photos, images and documents
  • Select from multiple pen colors and widths
  • Save screens with one-click screen snapshot and recall from the photo library
  • Dynamically present student work wirelessly using Airplay
  • Easily switch between backgrounds from video to picture to whiteboard/blackboard canvas
  • Simple and accessible interface, especially for novice iPad users
Bye Document Camera...Hello iPad Apps! Using Stage Pro

Stage Pro Tools

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Video Recording

Easily capture and save lessons using the Stage App. Record audio and video, Pause, Resume, and Save. Video files are automatically saved to your Photos App for simple sharing via email or uploading to YouTube, Teacher website or other collaborative sites of your choice.

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Multiple Canvases and Academic Backgrounds Bundle

Create multi-page presentations and toggle between canvases with the Stage Multiple Canvas Feature. Add, delete, and insert new canvas pages with ease for a presentation-friendly format.

Royalty-free backgrounds include graph paper, Graph XY axes, Music Staff, Ruled, World Map, USA States, European Countries, African Countries, Asian Countries, Australia, North America, and South America. Create, present, and share your Stage creations efficiently with these stock backgrounds

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Geometric shapes include circle, square, triangle, and star. Edit the color, size, and rotation of these objects in your Stage creations.

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Multiple Pictures

One picture not enough? Add multiple pictures from your photo library to your Stage creations. Reposition, resize, and rotate your images with ease.


Sort and share labels for later use - great for quizzes or whole - class review
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