Folsom Weekly Update

May 6, 2019

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Message from Dr. Mazzoni

Good Afternoon Folsom Team!

We have an exciting week planned for you to celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week. On behalf of the administration, we appreciate your efforts, expertise, and commitment to the Folsom students, parents, and to the profession. A teacher is a powerful and prestigious profession that we do not take lightly. Teachers have the charge to progress students to mastery of skills while also supporting students in the area of social and emotional learning. Next week, we will celebrate all of you in a variety of ways!

Monday – Staff Luncheon sponsored by the Folsom Home & School

Tuesday – Staff Luncheon sponsored by the Folsom Administration

Wednesday – Staff Breakfast sponsored by the Folsom Student Council

The Student Council is planning on a staff car wash tentatively for Friday, May 24th as a part of Teacher Appreciation Week. Mrs. Wendt will send out a sign-up form to staff shortly to get a count of who would like to have the outside of their car washed prior to the weekend! Mr. Wendt is also providing staff with a complimentary car wash to Al & Rich’s Car Wash on the White Horse Pike.


I am sharing with all of you best practices in the writing process when it comes to conferencing and pulling small groups to work on a strategy. The chapter titled, Differentiated Feedback: Conferring with Individuals and Small Groups comes from Lucy Calkins in the Guide to the Common Core Writing Workshop.

I pulled key points out of the chapter for you to review. Please read the chapter and discuss with your grade level or content area colleagues.

1) One-on-one conferencing and small group instruction are essential to providing individualized feedback to writers (p. 70).

2) A small group of writers together are instructed in a STRATEGY lesson.

3) Are your behaviors reinforcing students’ reliance on you? For example, who distributes materials in the classroom? It is important that the teacher is clear of what he or she expects children to do themselves (p. 71).

4) Teach students to be more self-reliant in their writing. One example is to have students refer to the charts in the classroom to assist with the writing process (p. 72).

5) The four phases of the writing conference: Research, Decide, Teach, and Link (p. 73).

6) In the Research Phase, teachers need to take in what the writer is understanding, doing, planning, and working to achieve (p. 73).

7) Focus on one area rather than trying to fix a number of areas in the writing. Remember, the end goal is for the student to continue writing, therefore, focus on the writer’s successes (p. 75).

8) The Decision Phase, the teacher is theorizing, predicting, connecting, determining priorities, imagining alternate ways to respond, and lesson planning (p. 75).

9) In the Teaching Phase, be sure to identify an area of writing strength; compliment the writer on a skill or strategy (p. 76).

10) In the Link Phase, our goal is to make the writer’s energy for writing go up, not down (p. 77).

11) Small Group coaching sessions should occur when the teacher identifies a group of students struggling with a similar problem; this allows you to maximize your instruction (p. 77-78)

Weekly Events


May 6

HWHO room 124

Softball Game (Away) Dennis Twp Bus leaves 2:30 pm

ASL Club 3:30-4:15 pm

2nd-4th Grade Choir 3:30-4:30 pm

May 7 Teacher Appreciation Day!

S.O.A.R. Breakfast K-4 8:45 am

HWHO room 126

Softball Practice 3:30-5:00 pm

Running Club 3:30-4:25 pm

Technology Club 3:30-4:15 pm

Folsom Singers 3:30-4:30 pm

May 8

S.O.A.R. Breakfast 5-8 8:45 am

HWHO room 119

3 hour Detention

Softball Game (Away) St. Joseph Bus leaves 2:45 pm

Concert Band practice 3:30-4:30 pm

May 9

8th grade Field Trip to Washington DC

HWHO room 115

Folsom Singers 3:30-4:30 pm

May 10

JDRF Walk Folsom Borough field 2:00 pm

2nd grade field trip to The Academy of Natural Sciences

Softball Game (Home) Somers Point 3:45 pm



All money is due by May 10th and we will have the walk around the Borough fields at 2:15 pm on May 10th. All students can participate. When a student brings in their donors names and money, have them write the name on the provided sneaker and hang on or around your door. You hold the sneakers in your classroom, they do not go home with students this year. Please let me know if you have any questions. ~Lisa

PARCC Testing Schedule

PARCC testing begins on April 29th. Please follow the link to see the PARCC testing schedule.

Tag Classes

From April 29th - May 10th all Kindergarten through 5th Grade TAG classes will be cancelled. TAG will resume on Monday, May 13th.

SJI-Junior Achievement Day Middle School

JA Day for grades 6-8 has been scheduled for June 11, 2019. More information will be forwarded as the day approaches.

One Book Assembly

For your planning purposes the 'One Book' assembly has been scheduled for June 14, 2019 at 9:00 am. Grades 5-7 will be attending.

Financial Literacy

Financial responsibility is an important acquired and learned life skill that is a necessary part of our educational curriculum”, Lt. Governor Sheila Oliver of New Jersey stated while singing the bill that requires New Jersey schools to teach students how to effectively mange their personal finances and set them up for a successful life.

In Folsom School District we adopted the Junior Achievement curriculum for grades 6 & 7. This curriculum teaches our students how to manage their money, learning about finances and making decisions that will prevent them from making a costly mistake. Students understand the difference between credit and debit, taking out a loan, working within a budget and how to invest.

Our sixth graders recently visited Junior Achievement headquarters in Edison, New Jersey. The students were assigned jobs for the day within BizTown. Some of the jobs were: bank teller, CEO of a company, mayor of the town, town treasurer, working for Chick fil-a, Graphic Shop retailer and many more. To learn more about this curriculum please visit this link:


May 7th-Kacey Storey