Barry Elementary Y-Club

Before and After School Student Club

Current Happenings at Y-Club

We got to enjoy some beautiful weather and even get outside this past week!Despite the Next week will be a promising one as well. You may have noticed a few different team members helping out this week at our site :) Ms. Kareena decided to leave the YMCA to focus on her schooling. We have been helped by several different Youth Development Leaders and Program Directors. It is a great opportunity to have our students meet more of our team and for them to see our program and be an active part of it. We now have Ms. Andrea and the youth development leader at our program! She is a great asset and we have already opened up some new clubs (knitting and art with yarn) which is utilizing her talents! Some of the things we will be doing next week include continuing our Athletic Club Soccer team activities. We have two teams the KC Comets and the Fire Balls. Our focus is to promote a positive environment and team work. We also have a Young Authors Club in which we will be entering writing of its members to local contests. This week we will be finishing our treasure boxes we started last week, and making different colored goop! We have many volunteer "jobs" scattered among our Y-Club students which encourages them to take ownership and to be an active part of our club. Take time to ask them about our question of the day! For more insight as to our daily schedule please take a look at our lesson plan located by the sign in/out book. Thank you for entrusting us with your children we so enjoy having them in our program.

Tiffany Bartley, Site Supervisor

Community Activities and Our Campaign Camp!

The YMCA as a whole is community focused and driven. At Y-Club we partake in community events. This month we will be making Valentine Cards for the children at Mercy Hospital. We have many clubs within Y-Club! One of our newest is our Campaign Club! We are raising money for a less fortunate family to send a child to summer camp! So far we have had a bake sale. We will be having many other activities to raise donations! Thank you to the many Y-Club families that have already donated! A shout out to Josh and Landon for their personal donation, it brought me to tears, them sharing their own personal money for another child. The value of summer camp is invaluable! Learning life skills all while making memories that last a lifetime. We have many activities and field trips planned stay tuned and check out our family check in and out table to take the camp survey and up to date information!!

If you have any suggestions or concerns please do not hesitate to call or email me! Email: Phone: 816.605.3457