Why was it had to be the President?

By: Jared

In the begining

When America was just beginning in the late 1700's, Washington was elected to be the first president of the United States. It was hard on him because he had to set the expectation for the soon to come presidents.


Ever since the American Revolution, the funds were low for the Army and Navy. People were spreading across the land for more room. And the Indians were fighting back. George Washington had to plan out what they were going to buy from other countries. If he xhooses wrong he could start another war.

France and England Strike

While we were still getting back on our feet, France and Britain used their Navy to strike back. They stopped most of our ships they came out of harbor. This got the people worried about madness breaking out.


When the people in America were spreading out, the Indians were standing their ground. Also, the British was supplying them with weapons, supplies, and clothing for the coming fights.