Mines are taking small community's

Mines are taking peoples lively hood

The big mining company's are taking over little community. These big mines are doing these things to people in the community:

  • forcing them from their homes and land
  • preventing them from accessing clean land and water
  • impacting on their health and livelihoods
  • causing divisions in communities over who benefits from the mine and who doesn’t
  • changing the social dynamics of a community
  • exposing them to harassment by mine or government security

These impacts are exacerbated when local people aren't consulted and not given no information about a planned mine on their land

Mining has taken an toll on the environment. When they mine there is a lot of pollution in the air because all the machines and wash plants that run all day. When they dig they heart the soil and when they are done they can't grow thing on where mined.
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