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Team ABCmoments

Hooray Spring is almost here!

Hi Designers!!

Can you believe Spring is almost here?! We have NEVER been so EXCITED to see the new items Origami Owl has in store for us this season. The new product line has surpassed anything we could imagine.

With the great new products comes a GREAT opportunity for you as designers! This is THE time to build your team AND your business.

Spring Take out Menu's

Dates to Remember

March 4: TOM's available to preorder

March 7: TOM's will start shipping

March 13: Spring sample packs start shipping

March 17: Spring inventory available to purchase

Team ABCmoments

Amy Barienbrock

Kimm Boes

Christi Richardson

ChildHelp and O2

Formed 55 years ago, Childhelp exists to prevent child abuse, neglect and all forms of bullying. Through our programs, we have saved the lives of 9 million children nationwide and are excited to announce that we will now be able to save millions more through our partnership with Origami Owl®.

Origami Owl is an organization dedicated not only to transforming lives, but saving lives of the most innocent, vulnerable and, often, voiceless. Since their earliest days, Origami Owl has desired to make a difference in the lives of others, and has lived its mission to be a force for good by supporting worthy causes and organizations.

Origami Owl shares a passion for helping children and will now partner with Childhelp by sponsoring Childhelp Speak Up Be Safe, our comprehensive prevention education curriculum.

Through this partnership, Childhelp Speak Up Be Safe will expand to include instruction for children from Pre-Kindergarten through 12th grade by the end of 2014. Childhelp will also unveil the new interactive Childhelp Speak Up Be Safe virtual campus in Summer 2014. From the support of Origami Owl, millions of lives will soon be changed.

Spring 3

Whoooo wants to earn an IPad mini and grow their business at the same time?! O2 wants to help you do just that! In the month of March you must:

1) sponsor 3 new designers

2) sell a total PV of $500

Within the first 30 days of sponsoring each new designer they must sell a total of $500 in PV. With all of the amazing new spring products this is EASY!! Each new designer can achieve this with their launch parties!!