Monk Fryston Weekly News 14.1.22

Next weeks school target is:

Remember to share a smile.

Digital Parenting

Vodafone regularly produce a magazine to support digital parenting. This provides really helpful guidance relating to children, families and technology. The latest edition can be found here

Take care on the roads.

We received reports that a person was in collision with a cyclist at home time last week. Please take extra care when using the roads at the moment, as visibility is obviously reduced during dark evenings and cyclists can be easily missed.

Parking Issues - again.

Once again, parking is an issue at the start and end of the school day. Please always make sure that you are parking sensitively and legally, and are not leaving vehicles opposite junctions, on yellow zigzags or on crossings. This is to make sure everyone remains safe.

No smoking or vaping

Please remember that our school site is a no smoking area, and this includes vaping. Please refrain from vaping whilst on school premises.

Card swapping/trading.

We have noticed that children are bringing in card games to play at playtimes. Whilst we are not going to stop this from happening, we would like them to not swap cards at school please. This is leading to some children becoming upset and should only be done outside school with agreement of parents.

Thank you Mrs Butler.

You will be aware that we are continuing to experience a number of disruptions in school due to Coronavirus. We would like to especially thank our cook, Mrs Butler, for continuing to provide meals this week despite being extremely short-staffed in the kitchen, and other members of the staff team who willingly gave their own time to help her.
Shout out to a member of staff

This is to recognise staff who have done something great. We want to recognise the achievement of all our staff so please help up to pass on your nice comments and thanks.

Vacancies within the STAR Multi Academy Trust

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