CU Boulder

Boulder, Colorado

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Volunteer opprutunities

- Internship

- Part time work

- Job shadow

This will help me in many aspects when I go to college, it looks good on an application and a resume when I need to get a job to help me work through college. But the impact of this work goes beyond political reasons, it will give me a brighter perspective as I set off to the next part of my life.

School Info

- Located in Boulder, Colorado

- Excellent business department

- Est. 2,106,000$ for my 4 year degree

- 88% acceptance rate

- No placement test, based on GPA and SAT, 50$ non-refundable applicant fee

- Enrollment: 30,265 students (2014)

- student faculty ratio 18:1

Location Info

- Boulder, Colorado

- Campus activities

- College sports

- Rich local culture

- Primarily cold, rainy w/ heavy snow every year

- Mountains w/ lakes


- Get a job, hopefully one related to my major

- Year in between HS and college dedicated to working toward college tuition

- Form not completed

- FAFSA must be completed by Feb. 6th, 2015

- Daniels scholarship program

- Horatio Alger Association Scholarship

- DoSomething Scholarship campaign

- 3.4 GPA


- Graduate 4 year college

- Make 4,000$ a month

- AP classes

- Join a club

- Extra curricular