The Pi Piece

April 8, 2016

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Don't miss our last cadre!

Wow, this year is almost complete! Some days it flew by, and others...not so much. During our next cadre we will be reflecting on this past year to see what worked and what we need to change for this upcoming year. Be sure to bring along planning materials you used during the year to help you remember what needs to adjusted.

Please feel free to bring pictures of your students (or their work) to show the growth that has happened over the course of this year. I would love to see them!

Attached are the agendas and what topics we will be covering during cadre (subject to change). Please note times and locations.

K-2 Cadre Agenda 4/13/16 3:45-5:00 at Brent

3-5 Cadre Agenda 4/14/16 3:45-5:00 at Brent

6-8 Cadre Agenda 5/16/16 4:15-5:30 at LMS

9-12 Cadre Agenda 5/23/16 4:45-6:00 at LEHS

Math Resources!

Problem Attic

Great website! You can search by topic and create PDF's with practice problems associated with that topic. Great way to differentiate and create individualized practice for students. Very user friendly. :)


Symbaloo is a great website that can house all your favorite virtual resources. Instead of searching for new ones all the time (because you forget about them-I know I do), you can now keep them all in one place! I linked the math symbaloo page.

Region VI Math Symbaloo of Virtual Manipulatives

Great place to start with Symbaloo! One that is already made. :) If you have your own account in Symbaloo, you can save their mix and edit it as necessary, or just access this one as much as you'd like.

Region VI Math Symbaloo of 21st Century Tools

Another great symbaloo created and provided by Region 11. Has some awesome tools! Click on the boxes. If it is an app, it will go to the app store (all are free). If it is web-based, they will open up a webpage.