Natrual disasters

By Jeremy Hearne


The signs

The signs of a flooding occurring is pretty easy to do. Most know it will happen when they see a forecast, some may see the internet for the weather or even their phones

Always be alert when a storm is about to hit hard

Ways of preventing a flood into your house.
  1. Use sand bags or very big and huge sponges
  2. Block every door and window
  3. Get a under ground bunker
  4. build a water pump to turn that undrinkable flood into water

Issues after a flood

When a flood has passed you need to ask is everyone OK, check your surroundings, clear a path for you and everyone around you, call for help if you can, get to dry land and stay on that dry land

Pollution of air


The pollution of air is artificial other than the floods. We humans produced a lot of carbon and cutting down the trees isn't making it any better. Most of us humans want some sort of way to produce less carbon and make the air much more breathable.
the carbon production line

this is just one of many that is showing the amount of carbon in the air and what it is doing to our climate

The studies

most studies say that global warming is caused by our carbon production and we are further increasing it by the day