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Tori Shifflett-Heslinga

The Truth About Our Food Factories

When America decides what they eat, they should consider the workers who pick, process, and transport their food. In order to work in the food factories people should have a license and be taught how to process the food the right way. People in the United States want to pay the cheapest price for their food and they don't care about what goes into the making of the food or what happens to the workers while they are making it. People only care that we get it and that we get it at a price that we like. If companies can't find local people to work, the other option is to bring in immigrants to work for them. The consequences of recruiting workers that way is causing many people to be arrested, deported, and unemployed, when it is not their fault. It should be the company getting in trouble for recruiting immigrants when they know it is illegal. Because of what the companies are doing people are getting in trouble for making the food we eat and wanting to have money to keep their families fed!

Suffering Without Suffrage

July 14, 1917

Dear Future Citizens of America,

My name is Alice Paul, I am the founder of the National Women's Party. I am from Mount Laurel, New Jersey. I have traveled to many places with my good friend, Lucy Burns, to try and earn women's right to vote. We have gone through many struggles trying to get this to happen. We started out with the National American Women Suffrage Association, but when that didn't work out I created the National Women's Party. Hopefully all our hard work will eventually pay off. We know that with your help we will someday be able to grant women the right to vote!

I started the National Women's Party to protest women's right to vote. NWP has done everything to try and earn the right to vote, From standing in front of the white house 24 hours a day through wind, snow, and rain, to going on hunger strikes. We have been force fed, thrown around, and over worked for our beliefs. But we believe that someday women will have the right to vote. I hope that whoever is reading this that in the day and age they are living in, women are able to vote. It would be a great accomplishment to be able to vote someday!

Yours truly, Alice Paul

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Down The Rapids Of Rum

The 18th amendment was passed January 16, 1919. This amendment prohibited manufacture, sale, and the distribution of alcohol. This law was passed because the government and people believed that a country without alcohol would be a safer and more truthful environment for our country.

Manila Is Taking Over Asia

An official says that the Philippines will no longer be know as the sick man of Asia. The Philippines growth of 300 billion dollars slowed in 2014 due to all of the natural distastes, but they are still outpacing many other Asian countries. "Our country can no longer be called them sick man of Asia" Baliscan said. " We are becoming more competitive with our East and Southeast Asian neighbors." Does this mean that the Philippines are prepared to do whatever it takes to rise to the top? People are just dying to know what kind of stakes they are willing to take in order to get their power over Asia. With all of this happening it has got people thinking, could our country be next?
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Don't Waste It!

With all of the American soldiers serving in World War I, the United States needs to be careful not to waste any bit of food that can be sent to the soldiers. President Hoover has come up with numerous ways to save food and energy. Many people across America have started "victory gardens" which are gardens that people use to grow their own fruits and vegetables so more can be sent to the soldiers in war. Other ways to have more food to send to the soldiers are "Meatless Monday's" and "Wheatless Wednesday's."


Are People Loosing Their Right To Free Speech?

Congress passed the Sedition Act May 16, 1918. The Sedition Act states that it is illegal for any American to "utter, print, or write any disloyal or abusive language that talk bad about the government, flag, or military. This act came in play during World War I to keep Americans from speaking bad about their country during a time of war. Many people believe that this Act violates the first amendment which was freedom of speech.

The Great Migration

The Great Migration has caused a lot of racial tension with the majority of the African Americans that have relocated North. Many of them traveled to cities such as Harlem, Chicago, and Detroit to leave segregation and to find freedom and economic opportunities that were unavailable to them in the South. With the sudden relocation to find work a shortage in work has sprung up causing the racial tensions to turn into violence.
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The Death Of A Hero

Rudolph Valentino, a silent film actor was most know for his role in The Sheik. He was an idol to countless people and many women looked up to him. When he died of pleurisy on August 23, 1926, people all over the country were left in shock. Tens of thousands of women visited his funeral and his latest companion, Pola Negri, was reported to be inconsolable.

The Gilded Age

The Progressive Era

World War I Era

The Roaring Twenties