Upcoming Benchmarks

By:Callie Douthitt

All you need to know

As you know, we will soon be having our benchmarks. We take the benchmarks for the administration and your teachers to see where you are and to see if anyone needs extra tutoring. I am happy to report that we will be taking them February 11 and 12 and again February 17 and 18 . Sixth grade will be taking Math and Reading, seventh grade will take Math, Reading, and Writing, and last but not least eighth grade will take all of them--Math, Reading, Science, Social Studies, and some will take Algebra. They are similar to STAAR but may be considered a little bit harder. They also have around the same amount of questions as STAAR. We will start the benchmarks close to first period and finish around lunch. We have four hours to take them, not including lunch. Mr. Kinsworthy's advice to you all is to get a good night's sleep and to make sure you eat breakfast in the morning. He also suggests that you take them seriously and that you make sure to bubble right. Keep in mind you don't have to rush yourself, you need to take your time. Just try your hardest.
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