Third Grade Cardinal Chronicle

October 19, 2015

Ms. Bousman's Class

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Upcoming Dates to Remeber

  • October 5-October 21- Parent Teacher Conferences
  • October 22 & 23- Fall Break- NO SCHOOL

Next Week's Special Area Classes

  • Monday- Day 4 - Music
  • Tuesday- Day 5 - Art
  • Wednesday- Day 6 - PE

What's Happening in Ms. Bousman's Class

Parent Teacher Conferences

Parent/Teacher Conferences this year at TCE will be a little different! We are all conducting Student Led Conferences! These conferences allow your child to be an important part by having them share their accomplishments and help create goals for the year. For those who have already had your conference....thank you for your dedication to your child's education. For those who have not had your conference yet...I can’t wait to celebrate your child’s learning with you!


  • We will continue our small reading groups. Ask your child what book we are reading in our small group.
  • Students will continue to learn about strategies when reading independently.
  • We will discuss characters and settings in realistic fiction.
  • We will continue our daily 5 activities where we will read, write, and do word work.


  • We will continue learning about the concept of multiplication.
  • We will review multiplication using equal- sized groups, arrays, area models, and equal jumps on a number line and Vocab
  • Quiz on Tuesday
  • We will learn and understand multiplying with the factors of 2 and 5.
  • We will continue with math workshop where the students practice math alone, with partners, and in groups while I get to know the students better as mathematicians.


  • We will review what a strong lead in a story looks like, adding details to a story, and making sure to have a beginning, middle, and end.
  • We will begin to look at the characters and setting of a realistic fiction story.
  • We will develop our own characters and setting and begin writing our own realistic fiction stories.


We will continue to experiment and learn about the scientific method. The students will do many hands on science experiments to learn first hand the steps to the scientific method.


Background Checks & Anti-bullying Video

If you want to volunteer, chaperone fieldtrips or eat lunch in the cafeteria, guests must have an approved background check on file and complete the Anti-bullying video. Background checks are good for 3 years. If you have questions about your background check, contact the TCE office.