The Process of Assessment

By: Monica Watkins

Instructions Are Necessary

I too agree with Lopez's quote and descriptive statement, because as an educator we should take the time to explain to our students about assessment. My perspective has been confirmed. I believe if we took the time to explain the assessment process with our student as Lopez did with Miguel (p. 97) this would calm their nerves, and the overall assessment process would be an easy task. Also, when we explain that the assessment is a tool to assist us as teachers in helping our students by equipping them with the best possible resources available to them; needless to say, the students will see the brighter side of the assessment.
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No Turning Back

I would use the four questions that Lopez lists on (p. 98) in my future practice to help me stay on track and remain on course. These four questions will be beneficial to me as an educator, because they will help me to be reminded that the assessment is not about me as a teacher; it is about my students (Lopez, p. 97). Also, these four questions are directed at me as a teacher, and they question my true motives or intentions for assessing my students in the first place.
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Success Is Coming

As a newbie to the teaching and education arena i have failed my students in the area of assessment, because I did not fully understand how to properly prepare my students to be assessed. Now that I know how to explain the purpose of assessment, and how I as a teacher am involved in the process in helping to strengthen my students in the area where he/she may need help I will do better from this time forth.
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Final Words

In closing, Lopez expresses the woes and benefits of assessing our students as teachers so eloquently and full of passion, reminding us that the heart of education is the student not the teacher. I am becoming a better teacher and professional since embarking upon this class and the reading materials involved to help me along the journey.
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