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Creation Of Hypoglycemia

Night hipoqlikemiyalarının What is the reason ? Since most of the night , which led to the creation of hypoglycemia can not be physical activity . But the wrong idea.

You have 9 to 10 pm and 11 pm , as well as intensive isləmisinizsə feminizes eat , then you have 2 to 3 hours of the night to keep the hypoglycemia may occur . So if you reduce the dose of insulin or in the evening , eat or strong , or both , depending on the conditions must together . As in other cases hipoqlikemiyasının night they are the same as those mentioned above : misinterpret too much insulin , too little , or absolutely yen , alcoholic beverages Mistassini ( the latter is probably even more so now , even after the man 's dream day is getting a drink ) .

Thus , we confirmed that the night is more dangerous than hipoqlikemiyaları , and why certain tactics to fight the current.

1 11 hours after injection of insulin should not (if you're required dose should be minimal ).

2 CV wake up 1-2 before the " gradual " must eat sugar, one cup milk , black bread, sandwich , or both.

3 It should be borne in mind , lying on the blood sugar levels of 7-8 mmol / l should be. Blood sugar of 5.7 mmol / l is 70% less than the risk of hypoglycemia.

4 You yatırsınızsa 2 , the patient's wife ( her husband ) and her first night, should the possibility hipoqlikemiyasının Guzman partner characteristics .