I can describe how resources affect a community.

What resources does my tribe use to create shelter? Why?

The tuscarora uses bark and young trees to build shelter. They also use hills of dirt./ huts.There house looks different then our houses today.

What does my tribe eat? How do they get it? Why?

The tuscarora eat deer,fish and other animals.They get the food by spears , bows,and arrows while huntting

How is water apart of their lives?

Water is part of there lives because they need to stay hydrated so they don't get sick.Also they need water to cook and stay clean.

What tools does your tribe use? What resources do they use to create them?

They you's knives,bows,arrows,spears and other type of tools. :)

Describe your tribe and their different roles.

The women cook and take care of there children. The men hunt for animals like deer birds and other types of animals. they hunt with bows and arrows instead of there bare hands.Different people from tuscarora make the clothing . There clothing is a type of cloth that has a design of a turtle .There feet are covered with cloth and there shirts and pants are too made of cloth.
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