Freak the Mighty premire

Based off the book by: Rodman Philbreck


Freak The Mighty is a book based 2 boys who are TOTAL opposites who find friendship and go on "dragon slaying" adventures together.


When Max finds out that Freak moved into his neighborhood, he was really interested. That curiosity lead him to being best buds with Freak. Max was a very big but not the brightest of kids. When he didn't know freak he was doing bad in school and barely pasted the 7th grade. Freak teaches him about robotics and history and it helps Max. They go on many adventures and call themselves " Freak the mighty". One adventure they went on is when they went to return a purse and of it being plain and simple , they were forced at answer lots of questions. Max also runs into his dad who is know for murdering Max's Mother. Killer Kane finds a way to get back into Max's life and everything goes downhill. With Freak help the cops jet away to find Max

Actors Featured

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Loretta Lee

Loretta is lady "Freak the Mighty" meet in the New Testaments. Her boyfriend is Iggy who is the leader of a motercycle group. Even though she's not the brightest she helps Max when he was in danger.


There are a lot of settings in the book but the 2 main settings are the New testaments

and Max's neighborhood. The New testament is where Freak and Max go to return a valuable to Loretta and also where Max's father takes Max. In Max's neighborhood a lot of things go on but one things that happens is when the go to see the fireworks and on the way the meet Tony D and his gang.


The theme of this story is friendship. Both of them had rough lives but together they got through it. They pulled out the best in each other and were happy doing it.