Of Mice and Men in Context

Joseph Ereifej and Brendan Frankowski

Of Mice and Men throughout the Great Depression

The Great Depression, the time period in which Of Mice and Men took place, was filled with, well, depression. The depression was in a financial state along with an emotional. The unemployment rate was at an all time high of 20% and with the stock market crash, there was really no way people to survive, let alone thrive.

The Great Depression began with the huge crash of the stock market on Wall St. in 1929. Now, this didn't ignite the Great Depression, however it did signal what was to come. In the coming months half of US banks, 13-15 million people were unemployed and unable to feed their families.


The Great Depression

The American Dream! What values does it uphold?

  1. Justice
  2. Liberty
  3. Fairness
  4. Democracy
  5. Equality

These are a few of what Americans believed in when they moved to the New World in order to start a life. Everybody thought that the "American" way of life was the right way to live and that others should think the same. This sparked a feeling of nationalism in everybody with the American Dream in mind.

One of the main ethos of one living the American Dream would be that they work hard, they worked to get to America and they worked hard to make a living, this living meant leaving others to go make a better life for their children and so on.


Who was John Steinbeck?

Born in 1902 in California, Steinbeck had 2 siblings and lived a fairly normal childhood. During his childhood John had been given a pony which inspired the writing series of The Red Pony later on in life. During his childhood he grew to love books, enjoying the classic Le Morte d'Arthur when he was nine. He also also had an interest in writing and knew he would always love it. He attended Stanford University in 1919 where he attended creative writing classes and multiple history lectures. Throughout his young adult years, he took many apprenticeships and enrolled in other classes. He eventually took some time to professionally write passages such as To a God Unknown, Pasture of Heavens, and, The Red Pony. In his late years of life he wrote books like The Grapes of Wrath and Of Mice and Men.


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