Saturday, December 13th, 2014

Your help is needed to make this day a success.

For this upcoming Healing Arts Day many possibilities exist, let's work together and make this an enjoyable event for you and your children!!

We have the Alexandria Room at Edmond Town Hall for an uplifting Emerald Sketch Art Gathering on December 13th, and now I need your commitment to make sure this day is as great as possible!

Please confirm if you and/or your children want to attend. And most importantly if and when you may be able to help carry items in or out of the event.

Emerald Sketch Healing Arts Gathering Private Planning Committee

Saturday, Dec. 13th, 11am-1pm

Edmond Town Hall, 45 Main St, Newtown, CT, United States (Alexandria Room)

This time frame is for children and families previously enrolled in art therapy to gather, enjoy setting up the structure for the afternoon and have a private pizza lunch party.

RSVP Tuesday, Dec 9th, 2014
Nicole P Willcox 610-505-5707

Emerald Sketch Healing Arts Gathering

Saturday, Dec. 13th, 1-4pm

Edmond Town Hall, 45 Main Street, Newtown, CT, United States (Alexandria Room)

During this time the Emerald Sketch will host multiple art therapy based activities for the children and community. Ideas and requests include: Rip and Rebuild Mural, Drawing Station, Social Sculpture Connection, Art Supply Raffle, Pictionary and other games, and a possible Open Mic or Talent Show

When/How Emerald Sketch Needs Your Help

10:00/10:15 am 3 Valley Field Road South, Sandy Hook, CT
  • assistance needed loading art supplies and art work for exhibit and activities

11:00 am Edmond Town Hall

  • support needed to unload vehicles from parking lot into Town Hall and Set up

4:00 pm Edmond Town Hall

  • Aid wanted to Clean up reload vehicles and organize trash, etc

Wish list to uplift the Schedule and Daily Flow
  • Volunteers for consent/ sign- in at the door from 1-4pm, may include art supply raffle
  • Music therapist or musician to facilitate an Open Mic for children approx. 3pm
  • Volunteers to bring store purchased snacks and/or bottle water
  • Pet therapy welcome with pre-registration
  • Massage therapists welcome with pre-registration
  • Projection of Slideshow
  • Volunteers to assist at various art task stations
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Hope to See You Soon

Let's have another successful Emerald Sketch Art Gathering and Provide an enjoyable experience for your children!

My goal is provide your children with an uplifting experience to look forward to next weekend. And those who have partaken in Emerald Sketch events in the past, know the day is sure to be a pleasant one!!

Please write or call me, let me know if you or your family members can be involved and if you have any additional ideas!

Any questions or concerns contact me

With love and kindness, Nicole Porter Willcox