What does it mean to be invisible?

"Have the Homeless become invisible?" By New York City Rescue Mission

In the YouTube video called "Have the homeless become invisible?" By New York City Rescue Mission posted a video about family members of homeless people walking by them. The homeless people pretended to be homeless to see if they can prove that their family members would notice them. Well they proved that it is true. When your homeless, people treat you differently and think of you differently since you live in the streets. That's a problem we, American citizens have today. We think "oh, since they live on the streets their useless." That's not true. People don't even look at these homeless people and they even proved it in the video that family members walked by from their own family. So what we can do about this is to be more caring to the homeless. Maybe make a quick stop to the nearest grocery store and provide the homeless with something. It would mean the world to them and change their lives. (New York City Rescue Mission, 3:05).

"Things Not Seen" By Andrew Clements

In the book "Things Not Seen" By Andrew Clements, this book states invisibility because this boy, Bobby, actually became invisible while he was showering. His parents wanted to keep it as a secret because they didn't want the state/government to take him away and do tests on him. So when Bobby went out, no one could see him obviously since he's invisible, but then Bobby by accidentally bumps into this blind girl named Alicia. She didn't get scared of his invisibility since she can't see him, but then he apologizes. He offered to walk her home, and he noticed people didn't even look at her like she was actually invisible. But when Alicia takes a tumble, she grabs onto Bobby and feels that he's naked. He of course had to tell her because he didn't want her to think that he was some random creepy naked man. It took her a long time to believe it, so she asked a stranger that was walking on the sidewalk if there was a man there, and he said no. Alicia and Bobby develop a very deep relationship since they both are invisible. Alicia also stated "People make me feel useless. Since I'm blind and stuff now, they think that I'm useless and that I won't do anything to help. My life is all messed up." Alicia and Bobby become really close friends and work together to try to solve Bobby's problem. This proves that this book proves invisibility. (Clements, 48).

"Homeless Children" (Article) By (Adapted by Newsela)

In the article "Homeless Children" By (Adapted by Newsela), this article states that in the United States, many children aren't even noticed as invisible. For example, the schools around the world do nothing about the children in their school being homeless. As it states in the text, "There isn't an accurate address of the kids, or they are fixed." If there isn't an accurate address, shouldn't they be concerned? Also, if these kids are still held outside, they can suffer from illnesses and they can get disorders, such as mental disorders from not eating, and also being nervous. These children can even suffer from weather conditions. They can't concentrate on school, skip classes which can cause them to drop out of school. Also, in the text it states “People are surprised that (homelessness) impacts children so much,” said Patricia Nix-Hodes, director of the Law Project at the Chicago Coalition for the Homeless. “It tends to be less visible. People call it the hidden homelessness." These families are not literally on the street. She said they may be moving place to place, staying with another family or living in a shelter." So this states that homeless can be very invisible, either if people just ignore or people hide it. (Newsela, Para. 3).
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