Steele Bardwell Dream Vacation

Canada Facts

My Dream Vacation is in the country of Canada. My Dream Vacation is located right above North America.

I want to visit Canada because they good hunting.

My Vacation is so great because all the animals they have to hunt.


  • Hunting
  • Hockey
  • The Food
  • Weather
  • The people
  • The location
  • The Skiing
  • The fishing
  • The baseball
  • The hiking


It will take 5 Hours to get there.

It takes 1299 Miles to Canada from Houston.

I will take Cole on my trip with me.

I will get there by a plane from Houston to Canada.

i will stay In Canada for 2 weeks long.


I will stay at the Nita lake lodge in Whistler,Canada.

The place i am stay at is a place with some cabins and has many lakes that you can fish on.

I will need to pack clothing that will keep me warm such as, jackets and long socks.


It will cost 1700 per person to go to Canada.

My lodging will cost 135 a night for one person.

I will spend most my money on fishing trips and hunting trips.

We will eat the fish we catch that is what we will eat.

We will get there by plane it will cost 525 dollars a person to fly to Canada and back and we will fly with Expedia airlines.

it will cost alot more in Canada it will cost $5.25 per gallon.


I will go to all the lakes and go fishing also go hunting.

At my location there is lots of fishing and hunting to do near my lodge.

It is very unique because you can just be in your hotel and see all the wildlife.

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