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This Week's Barista: Matt Lipstein

October 13, 2015

LS Students last week in a STEAM lab disassembling an iPad (don't worry, it's not one of ours!)

First Shot: Connecting the dots on Notifcations

Knowledge is Power

Many of your student's parents have signed up for Notifications in mySAS. When they configure their settings they'll receive messages via email and/or text when there are certain updates to the site, including:

  • when an assignment has been in added in a student's class
  • when an announcement has been posted in a student's class or team
  • when a game or practice has been canceled or rescheduled
  • and many more

When you are creating a new Assignment, make sure you check the box labeled "Send Notification", as shown below:

Big image
If you miss this step, parents will not get the Notficiation. There are similar checkboxes when adding an announcement or athletic game.

Thanks for checking this box - the parents will appreciate it!

Second Shot: Taking Google Street View Off-Road

Explore the world from your classroom

Chances are you've used Google's Street View. This allows you to get a view of a street location as if you're standing on the road.

But maybe you didn't know that Google has setup a similar experience for locations all over the world, including the Galapagos Islands, underwater at the Great Barrier Reef, and from the side of a 3000-ft rock face wall at Yosemite.

Click through - you seriously will not believe these views! There are a bunch more, and many of these would be exceptional virtual field-trips you can use in class with your students.

Big image

See you next Tuesday!