Working-Out Safely

Trying To Keep People Safe by Parker Brandt

Exercise Precautions For Hot Weather

  • Drink Lots of Water.
  • See how hot it is outside.
  • Find a place were you can do activity in the shade.
  • Wear light colors and not many layers.
  • Wear Sunscreen.

What Could Happen If You Do Not Follow The Precautions

  • You could suffer from a heat stroke.
  • You could get a sunburn.
  • You could have hurtful cramps.
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Cold Weather Precautions

Exercise Precautions for Cold Weather

  • Wear jackets.
  • Drink water.
  • Keep moving.
  • Keep muscles warm.
  • Wear something on your head or earmuffs.
  • Do not stay out in the cold weather for a long period of time.

What Could Happen If You Do Not Follow These Precautions

  • You muscles could get tight.
  • You could get a cold.
  • You could get frostbite.
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