Level 2.5: Explain

Figurative Language Practice


I can use my knowledge of the definitions of each type of figurative language to explain the meaning of the figurative language example.


Use the Figurative Language Presentation and your handwritten notes to review the definitions of each type of figurative language. You should be able to take the definition of the figurative language and use that to help you to put into words (explain) what the example actually means.


Watch this video carefully to learn how a person can show that they understand the true meaning of figurative language by using the definition to explain what an example means in writing. Be prepared to practice explaining examples yourself next!
How to Explain Figurative Language


See your teacher for a Figurative Language Explanation Practice worksheet. Based on what you learned in the video, practice explaining the true meaning of each example on your worksheet by using the definition in your explanation. When you are finished, turn this in to your teacher.


After you have successfully completed the Figurative Language Explanation Practice worksheet, see your teacher for a Figurative Language Explanation Assessment when you are ready to demonstrate that you have mastered the art of explaining the meaning of figurative language in examples.

If you successfully complete the Figurative Language Explanation Assessment, then you are ready to move on to Level 3. However, if you do not successfully complete the Assessment, you will need to complete another version of the Figurative Language Practice worksheet for more review before you attempt the Figurative Language Explanation Assessment again.