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Meet Joelle Norwood "Adventures of A TV Producer from ET to YouTube"

Joelle Norwood is a dynamic & entertaining speaker and business consultant who always delivers results.

The Days of Interruption Marketing are Over. Now it's all about personal branding, content marketing and social media strategies to generate leads to effectively build your business online.

Joelle brings years of hands on experience as an Emmy award winning TV producer and entrepreneur as well as years of business knowledge combined with a passion for technology to the stage every time she talks and with every client engagement.

She is an early adopter of technology and the social media space. Joelle is also considered a rising expert in YouTube and the online video marketing space. Joelle is able to address these topics at a high level. As an online~offline teacher/trainer she teaches entrepreneurs about the finer points of marketing in the new media world from both strategic, creative and tactical angles. Joelle believes that everyone can and should “Join the New Norm” and makes it fun and relevant to the audiences.

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More About Joelle

From 1989 to 2009 Joelle founded and managed Airwaves Inc., a video – broadcast production company servicing such broadcast clients at CBS Paramount Entertainment Tonight, Dr Phil and The Rachel Ray Show.

Joelle Norwood aka The Media Mama Adventures of a TV Producer from ET to YouTube. Click Here to Book JOELLE AS SPEAKER CONTACT

My Aha Moments about The Media

AHA #1
A Millions years ago in 4th grade, as the winner of the City of Montreal Hobby Contest I was on a guest on "The Magic Tom Show." After this appearance I went from Joelle WHO? to being an instant celebrity "Hey You ARE Joelle ...I saw you on "The Magic Tom Show"
Even though I was 9 years old, I knew for sure that TV WAS POWERFUL and I WANTED IN.

AHA #2
A few years ago, I watched a citizen journalist snagged an interview with Sarah Palin using a flip camera. Not fair, I was the PRESS behind the velvet ropes and this woman was getting MY interview. I realized then that everyone was becoming a broadcaster – technology had leveled the playing field.
I KNEW THAT THE DAYS OF TRADITIONAL JOURNALISM WERE OVER. Time to throw out my Press Credentials and become a MoJo (mobile journalist).

AHA #3
Using a Flip camera and YouTube I produced a short video about a news event in Bethesda Maryland and within 48 hours I had 8,000 views on YouTube. From that moment on I started to video blog on YouTube. Today thousands of viewers have watched my funny, unconventional videos about " Joining the New Norm".
I realized that there was a NEW NORM, an information revolution. It's best to embrace the change, than to get left behind. I decided that I could make a difference in the world by teaching folks how to produce videos so they could get their message out and connect with audiences globally.

AHA #4 I can make a difference in the world and it's definitely not about the money. CLICK HERE TO SEE Music video by Jessie J performing Price Tag

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Joelle Norwood aka The Media Mama Adventures of a TV Producer From ET to YouTube