The Place You Won't Want To Leave

Our sweet and cozy homes!

Most of our luxury homes are made of baked bricks. Our homes are very large. The homes include several rooms. Our roofs are very sturdy. They are made of wooden beams covered with reeds and packed clay. We have over 700 wells that are public and private to fit various standards.

While you are visiting our amazing city, you should check out some of our amazing products and attractions!

come visit our 5 star restaurants!

We serve wheat, rice, chickpeas, and lentils. On special occasions we serve cow meat, pig meat, sheep meat, and chicken. Usually we serve the chicken with rice. The last thing on our menus is SUGAR CANES that naturally grow everywhere in India.

Here's how to get here!

Go 18 miles up the Indus River. Then you will see a village. Once you see this village, continue to well #12. Once at this well, make sure you are facing East. Then, continue 1500 feet. Then, turn left (North) and continue until you see an amazing city. Once you see this city, go into the city, check out our amazing attractions and shops, and have a good time!


Here's a little tour of our amazing city!
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